10 Degree Programs with a Great ROI

By on June 1, 2013
degree programs with a great roi

If nothing else, a four year college degree is a big investment. With tuition costs skyrocketing in public and private institutions alike, and the estimated cost and burden of taking out student loans rising year after year, college is a huge financial decision. While there are plenty of tangible and intangible benefits to attending a four year institution, if you are unable to get a job after graduation, what is the point? When choosing your academic path in college, you need to consider the eventual return on your investment.

We can talk all day about the STEM fields and why business is no longer one of the top paying degree programs. We could also discuss the comprehensive breakdown (over at NerdWallet) of which degrees from which colleges will pay you the most upon graduation. The fact remains, however, that to get a four year college degree, you have to go to four year college or university.

And that, my friends, is not cheap.

The folks over at U.S. News & World Report have been putting out lists and college guides for years. On their website, they have a feature called The U.S. News Short List, which compiles top rated colleges and universities around certain very specific criteria. One such criteria is tuition cost.

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