10 Songs That Make You More Productive

By on January 8, 2014
Songs that make you productive

2. “Don’t Stop Believing,” Journey

There aren’t many more inspiring tunes than this hit; the fact that the song has managed to stay relevant for decades speaks to its enduring status as an inspiring symbol of hope. You’ll find yourself plowing through paperwork while this song plays through your speakers.

3. “La Dona e mobile,” Rigoletto, Guiseppe Verdi

It works for Nicholas Cage in The Family Man, so why shouldn’t it work for you? The high volume energy of this opera simply smacks of power and productivity. If nothing else, you can put it on at high volume while you get energized for another productive day.

4. “Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor

Perhaps a slightly more famous movie reference is the montage from Rocky – small wonder that this upbeat pump-it-up jam has survived its 80s roots and stayed in the collective consciousness of today. It may be a little cheesy to get productive to this tune, but it works.

5. “Ace of Spades,” Motorhead

If this hard-rocking track doesn’t get you firing on all cylinders, it’s no fault of the band’s, who are giving it their all in this high-energy, rapid-fire punch-out of a song. Put it on repeat and watch your task list disappear.

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  • WillMan1

    Interesting list, though anything from Journey is likely off the list if your name is Tareq Salahi. 😉