3 Essential Gen Y Time Management Tips

By on June 5, 2013
Essential gen Y time management tips

Time is the one thing in life that is constant. You are issued twenty four hours of time each day and every day. How you use the time is entirely up to you. Why then, does it seem like there is so little time to get things done in a day? Is it truly an issue of lacking time, or does it come down to lacking the right motivation and the appropriate time management skills?

If you are reading this at work right now, it probably has everything to do with your time management skills. The good news is that there is hope for you if you need help with these skills. Here are the top three simple and easy tips for members of Generation Y (don’t I have more time):

1. Make a schedule and stick to it. When we are very young, we go to school and activities each and every day. Despite the fact that we had many things scheduled, we always seemed to get so much more done. This is not a coincidence. When you are on a set routine and schedule it is much easier to get a lot done within the confines of that schedule. To maximize your productivity in your work and personal life, design a schedule for yourself and stick to it. For example, check and respond to your emails at set times throughout the day. This will ensure that you do not waste time at other junctures by getting stuck in the email response loop.

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