3 Master’s Degree Programs That Are Worth the Cost

By on May 31, 2013
Master's Degree Worth the Cost

If you turn on the news and catch any one of the evening pundits talking about higher education, they will at some point talk about Master’s Degrees. More specifically, they will talk about how more and more employers and industries are expecting candidates to have a Master’s Degree and how this is absolutely ludicrous for whatever reason. Whatever they say, it is clear that the decision to pursue a Master’s Degree is becoming increasingly common.

Some career paths actually require a Master’s Degree. For example, a Master’s in Social Work is all but required for social workers and a Master’s in Counseling is a requirement to become a mental health counselor. Teachers, too, are often required to have a Master’s in Education to begin with or must commit themselves to getting one within a certain number of years of being hired by a district.

But are they worth it? A Master’s Degree is a serious investment, especially if you are pursuing one while you are working. When taking Master’s classes at night, it could take you anywhere from one to five years to complete your degree. Then, of course, there is the cost of the degree program. For people who have an existing student loan burden, the additional cost of a Master’s Degree might seem like a little too much, too soon. If the Master’s Degree does not guarantee you a significant bump in salary, is it even worth the time and effort?

Yes and No. Really, it depends on which Master’s Degree you are planning to get.

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  • Joe

    Not MBA?

  • Those are nifty stats to get a better perspective in choosing a good masters degree.

  • RyDaScotchDrinker

    I hate it when individual write article based on things they have no clue about…..

    I will not get into Engineering, etc… that is not my field, but Money finance is and no a Master Degree is not worth the investment simple because its not an asset….

    Assets in education are focused specialization which Master Degrees are not….

    So if you want to spend a little money 4 to $5,000.00 get yourself a CFA that is a specialization and a very important one. Or spend $2,500.00 to $4,500.00 to a Charter Professional Risk Manager, all of which earns you more money than a Masters degree, has a drastically higher ROI, a faster ROI, and are held in far higher regard and viewed as essential assets.

    But be warned boys and girls……. to be CFA, a Risk manager or any specialization its a lot and I mean A LOT harder than a simple easy breezy Masters Degree with a $55,000.00 to $110,000.00 price tag and one of the crappiest ROI ever.

    As for Engineering, etc…. I will leave that to the professionals in those industries they will undoubtedly have their own advise and take.