3 New Rules of Making Money in 2014

By on January 7, 2014
New rules to making money in 2014

The new year always brings with it certain promises, whether it be to change things about your personal life or to strive harder for the things you really want. For many, 2014 is a year devoted to finding new ways to make money.

After all, the economy is slowly recovering, and new technologies are popping up seemingly every day to make our lives better and more productive. What better time to rewrite the rulebook on making money?

Here we cover some new rules for making money as the calendar year turns.

The Old Rule: Make More Money, Spend More Money
The New Rule: Spending Less = Making More

There are countless blogs devoted to the idea of living frugally and getting the most out of your income, and many make some useful points. Among these is the danger of falling prey to the mentality that you need all the amenities and luxuries of modern life, with all the price tags that come with those things.

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