4 Best Schools to Get a Part-Time Degree

By on June 1, 2013

You can do just about anything online these days. You can apply for a credit card, buy your groceries, and even meet your soul mate. You can also go to college or professional school online and part time.

For one reason or another, and despite the fact that the world has embraced doing things online in pretty much every other category, online education is still seen as a lesser way of getting a degree. This is a mystery since it would seem like getting your degree part time is the ideal situation.

Think about it. You have a job, so you will (hopefully) be able to pay for some or all of the cost with your pay check. Who wants more student loans? In most cases, your employer will even help you with the cost of the degree.

After all, a more educated employee is a more valuable employee. Second, being able to earn your degree on your own time generally leads to less stress and a better work/life balance. No need to find childcare, you can work on your degree while your kids play in the family room.

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