4 Reasons Not To Spend Your 20s In a Drunken Haze

By on July 5, 2013

It’s not hard to see why 20-somethings are all about partying and enjoying life. The 20s are now a time of not-quite-responsible adulthood, and the YOLO philosophy has definitely taken a strong hold of our culture in the past few years.

Listen to a Top 40 station and half the songs will be about partying until the world ends. Maybe it has something to do with the fairly hopeless economic situation that Gen Y has been tossed into, but who knows?

Regardless, spending the next 10 years of your life partying might sound fun, but you should know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.. and get off our lawn, too! In all seriousness, here’s why you might want to tone down the party, at least a little.

You’re Not Invincible

You might be able to bounce back after a night of heavy drinking (for now… see how you feel 3 years from now, after a night of shots and shotgunning), but it doesn’t mean that overindulging isn’t going to eventually take a toll on your health.

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  • Patrick Zielinski

    I study hard and party hard. Last Thursday I got kicked out of a bar for being too drunk, the next day I spent 9 hours studying and then I went for a jog. I’m not saying I’m invincible or anything, but I think it’s important to live a balanced life style, going out is just as important as anything else. Oh and I usually don’t drink too much, I got challenged by a sumo wrestler and I lost that night.