4 Reasons to Travel In Your 20s

By on July 10, 2013

Maybe you studied abroad in college and want to go back to Madrid or Tokyo. Maybe you’ve been inspired by some domestic volunteering and have a sudden desire to join the Peace Corps (the student loan forgiveness certainly doesn’t hurt, either).

Maybe you’ve never traveled before but you really want your Facebook profile picture to be a shot of you, wearing a neon YOLO shirt, in front of the Eiffel Tower (do they say YOLO in France?). Whatever the reason, packing your bags and hitting the open road now can be a way better option than wishing you’d done it twenty years ago. Here’s why.

Fewer Commitments

One of the biggest reasons to travel now instead of later is the fact that you simply have fewer responsibilities and commitments in your 20s. You probably don’t have kids. You probably don’t own a home. Your job can probably stand to miss you for a few weeks.

You might have a spouse or long-term partner, but they probably don’t have many commitments either. Whatever the specifics may be, you’re not totally tied down in this decade of your life, so you can pick up and go without making countless arrangements, or worrying the whole time you’re gone.

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