4 Rules High Achievers Never Break

By on June 5, 2013
4 rules high achievers never break

Everyone wants to think of themselves as a high achiever, right? I mean, look at you! You are great at what you do and everyone knows it.

But does that really make you a high achiever? Alas, probably not. High achievers are the crème de la crème of functioning people.

They are the ones that work sixty hours a week at a high pressure career and then spend their free time running a non-profit.

While being a room parent. And making sure that they cook and serve three organic meals a day. For their five kids. All of whom wear only hand-made clothes.

So you might not be a super high achiever after all. Believe me that is totally okay.

Still, the fact remains that there are certain rules to which high achievers adhere that you can easily implement in your own life.

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  • Chantillybabe

    1. Set impossibly high goals.
    2. Watch to see how the current system can be used to get there (it never goes far)
    3. Plan (90% is planning – 10% is doing)
    4. Know when to break the rules
    5. Implement all changes at one time
    6. Train everyone slowly
    7. Never quit unless 8. below
    8. Know when to walk away (very difficult for high achievers)

    • tellaL

      excellent! pre#1 find out a way to not pay for anything.. very hard to do because it requires a higher education… never break the law, and shiny hair is always ok.

      • Chantillybabe

        LOL. Yes, very important – find out how to not pay/not pay full price. The rest is a pre-condition for leading a good life. Shiny hair is good, stay in shape, no matter what your weight (I weigh about 170 and I’m 5-10; could be fat but I’m not). Always know when to laugh at yourself. etc. BIG LOL

  • Chantillybabe

    To succeed, you need to have the opportunity and the responsibility. A good amount of luck is also involved. Probably the most important requirement for success is luck. You need luck to get the opportunity and responsibility

    • petie3

      The harder you work the luckier you get. You will also get lucky if you knock on enough doorknobs.
      Also: If you screw enough people on the way up they will be waiting in line to screw you on the way down.

      • Chantillybabe

        I have an axiom posted beside my desk that says, “Work so hard that people think you’re lucky”. Even so, luck is an important factor

      • Jojo

        Knocking on doorknobs is harder than knocking on doors. Or ringing doorbells, for that matter. I know success isn’t easy, but don’t make more work for yourself.

    • Denis Gagné

      As a successful business and family man, I can assure you that the only luck I got through the years has been the LUCK THAT I CREATED MYSELF by maintaining a positive attitude and positioning myself strategically (read: where I think luck will pass).

  • petie3

    Most people ‘smarter’ than you are just better liars.

  • Boosh Woggle

    whoa, wasn’t expecting success baby in this article.

  • Denis Gagné

    You’ll drop dead at 40 if all the work you do is for THE WRONG REASON. Don’t start a business with “making a lot of money” for objective. Just do what you love, then you’ll be the best at it, you won’t count your hours and then, money will pour in. Money is a result, not an objective. No one gets burnt out at 40 when they do what they love most… Even if it is for as much as 84 hours petr week!