5 Career Mistakes to Avoid

By on August 5, 2013
Career Mistakes to Avoid

There are numerous articles floating around the web about the millennial generation and their quest to find careers in a struggling economy. With websites offering advice, criticism, and “rules” to follow at every juncture, it is difficult to determine exactly how you should go about your career search, as well as which mistakes to avoid.

At Career Dare, we want to offer you the best advice that allows you to get ahead without getting burned out. These common mistakes, however, will easily get in your way.

1. Not Paying Attention to Your Social Media Use

One of the major problems for the current generation searching for jobs is the prevalence of poor social media use. Because we post anything and everything on social media, employers have now made it standard to research prospective employees before hiring them.

Don’t risk showing your unprofessional side by posting inappropriate statuses, photos of yourself drinking, or anything sexually explicit. In addition, employers recommend that you not discuss job interviews on social media sites – keep that information private until you actually land the job.

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