5 Careers For People Who Love To Travel

By on July 15, 2013
Careers for travel

Taking a year off to travel after college has long been a dream of many worn down, newly tossed out into the real world undergraduates. However, with both tuition costs and student loan interest rates rising, most recent college grads simply cannot afford to put off starting a career.

Whether you caught the travel bug from a great study abroad experience or jealousy of your peers who got to travel, check out this list of 5 great careers that allow you to travel and get paid.

1. English Teacher

It may not be glamorous, but teaching English is actually one of the best ways to travel internationally, especially to countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. English teachers are hired to work in foreign countries through a ton of different agencies. For those who are planning in advance, try applying for a Fulbright to teach English in a country of your choice.

You can also seek out positions through the U.S. Department of State, the Peace Corps, or a private agency. Some programs will want you to have a TEFL certification, but others may hire you without being certified.

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