5 Degree Programs to Avoid

By on June 1, 2013
Degree programs to avoid

Nobody wants to hear that their college degree is worth less than the paper on which it is printed but, unfortunately, that may be the case for some recent college graduates. With opportunities as scarce as they are, many people are learning that their undergraduate degree in early Phoenician literature does not guarantee them a job.

More and more college and career type services are cautioning prospective college students against pursuing certain degree programs based on their extremely low return on investment. To be blunt, certain degrees will not guarantee you a living wage, let alone the opportunity to pay off your student loans in this lifetime.

Forbes, JobsForVeterans.Military.com, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times and Salary.com have all published their own unique lists. Having considered them all carefully, here are the top five degree programs you should avoid:

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  • Wearedevo

    If all you’re referring to is materials, then science is even cheaper than art, dimwit. It’s a methodology. All you need is the ability to hypothesize, observe and test. I would’ve thought someone named after Charles Darwin would realize that, but no such luck I guess.

    By the way, I’m not sure what your first language is, but in english we just say “free”. There’s no need to weirdly repeat it three times.

  • bob kennedy

    After having been involved with several colleges and universities in the US and overseas, I can state unequivocally that Phoenix University is the greatest educational fraud in the US.

  • Tundrayeti

    Best advice: Your passion is your hobby. In most cases your passion can be pursued either without a degree. By all means, you can take a course in creative writing, you can play in the university’s concert band, you can take acting or creative writing classes as electives while you’re studying chemical engineering… and you can audition for acting roles, try to get gigs on weeknights, or try to publish your own work on the weekends… all while you clock your hours in a profession that has a real future.

    It’s fine to have fun with your passion – on the side… but when you don’t get the part, or don’t get published, it’s nice to still be able to pay your bills.