5 Hacks to be Time Efficient at Work

By on January 6, 2014
Hacks to be time efficient at work

2. Don’t Procrastinate.

Taking advantage of your time means fighting the urge to procrastinate tooth and nail. Set small goals – getting a certain amount of work done in the next 20 minutes, say – and stick to them to avoid the procrastination rut.

3. Unplug.

Bryan Guido Hassin, a college professor and entrepreneur, uses what he terms “Airplane Days” to help maintain his productivity. During these designated days, Hassin disconnects his phone, turns off his wifi, and goes somewhere remote to sit and work with no distractions.

He calls them “Airplane Days” because they are the equivalent of being in airplane mode, which is just about the only place many people are disconnected from communications these days. He has found that he gets a disproportionate amount of his work done on these unplugged days.

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