5 Hot Degrees for Busy People

By on August 28, 2013
Hot Degrees for Busy People

Whether you’re going back to school after a break, are seeking higher education for the first time as an adult, or are putting yourself through school by working full time, keeping up with classes and homework while maintaining your busy schedule can be more than a little bit of a struggle.

The following degrees, whether you seek them online or in a more traditional classroom setting, are ideal for busy people who still want to invest in their education and expand their career options.

1. Criminal Justice

A degree in criminal justice offers a huge range of possibilities in terms of career options, from public administration related to juvenile justice to criminal psychology. It’s also one of the most popular online degrees thanks to the flexibility of most programs, which can be largely tailored to your interests.

Plus, because the criminal justice field is rapidly shifting, there is more demand for people with field-specific training and education than ever before, with more positions requiring bachelor’s degrees.

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