5 Hot Degrees for Busy People

By on August 28, 2013
Hot Degrees for Busy People

2. Nursing

Well known for their flexible scheduling, nursing programs are perfect for busy people who want to break into a high-paying career. Thanks to a recent shortage of nurses across the country, a nursing program can instantly jet you into a much higher pay grade than you’re used to and the demand for nurses is only going to grow in coming years.

Plus, there are multiple levels of education available for nursing, from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees. By the time you finish your degree, there will most definitely be jobs waiting for you!

3. Business Administration

There are countless well-known business programs out there that cater specifically to individuals who have lots of work experience and a very busy schedule. From online business classes to night courses at your local university, from an initial bachelor’s degree in business to a full MBA, there are tons of options and concentrations to choose from.

Even better, what you learn in your business program can directly help you at your current job, opening the door to leadership positions and pay-increasing promotions.

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