5 Hottest College Degrees for 2013

By on July 16, 2013
Computer Science

Are you about to enter college this fall? A rising sophomore struggling to declare a major? Maybe even a straggling junior still finding your passion? Check out these 5 hot college degrees for 2013. These degrees are near-guaranteed to leave you graduating with a career lined up and a decent starting salary.

1. Computer Science

Computer science covers a variety of potential fields. With a computer science degree, you can go into programming, software engineering, graphic design, or even robotics. What’s really hot right now is computer game design. The gaming world can only continue to grow as new systems develop and innovative game play emerges.

In fact, studies show that the computer gaming industry will reach $82.4 billion across the globe by 2015. Game design itself is a vast field, with specialties such as programming, art, production, and more.

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