5 Jobs That Pay 100k a Year Without a Degree

By on August 9, 2013
Jobs that pay 100k

With the already high costs of college tuition continuing to rise and job prospects looking more and more slim for recent grads, many are considering the merits of going to college versus finding a job that does not require a bachelor’s degree.

Contrary to the idea that you cannot find a high-paying job without a college degree, there are actually many jobs that are attainable without a degree and have salaries that will rise above $100,000 after you gain experience in the field.

1. Real Estate Broker

While you do need a license to become a real estate broker, you can apply for that license with just a high school diploma. The average salary ranges from $30,144 to $180,434 per year, meaning that while you won’t start out at 100k, you have a strong chance of making it there with experience.

This field is currently highly competitive due to the increase in licensed real estate brokers during the recent housing boom.

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  • AmyBellows

    Politician. No degree (or brain) required! At a national level, you will make $147,000+, and that is not counting perks, payoffs, back room deals, and bribes.

    • Stewart Pid

      No morals, ethics or truthfulness needed either.

  • Gordon Jenkins

    Prostitution, arms smuggling, cocaine sales, extortion, and running gambling operations. Call it entertainment industry, defense industry, pharmaceutical industry, security industry, and state lottery.