5 Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs

By on September 20, 2013
Leadership lessons from Steve Jobs

As the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was known as one of the best leaders of our time. An icon of success, Steve Jobs was able to think ahead, be innovative, and create the ideal consumer experience, time and time again.

Furthermore, Steve Jobs showed his leadership skills by never taking no for an answer and maintaining high standards for success. Here are five major leadership lessons that we can all learn from Steve Jobs.

1. Be Ahead of the Game

Steve Jobs always managed to race ahead of the competition by not just catching up to the industry gold standards, but by reinventing those standards himself. For example, the original Mac was unable to burn CDs.

Rather than starting over with a new Mac that could burn CDs, Jobs instead chose to reinvent the way we consume music entirely. He created not only the iPod, but also iTunes and the iTunes store to ensure that consumers would have an easy way of loading their iPod with music.

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