5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Co-Workers

By on December 30, 2013
Questions to never ask your co-worker.

It can be hard to know what is and is not permissible to talk to co-workers about. Many seemingly benign topics are off-limits.

In general, finding common ground has to do with negotiating a conversation with your co-workers until you get to a comfortable place.

Unfortunately, we all have stories about people who simply do not observe these rules, spoken and unspoken, that govern workplace conversations. Here are five examples of questions to avoid asking a co-worker.

1. “Are You Single?”

A recent survey found that employees consider questions about their relationship status to be among the most taboo out there. It makes people uncomfortable to talk about their relationships with relative strangers, and extra uncomfortable to have to respond to those kinds of questions in a professional environment.

Plus it sounds suspiciously like a pick-up line. Best to avoid talking about relationships with your co-workers in general and stick to less personal topics.

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