5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Employer

By on December 31, 2013
Questions to never ask your employer

Asking good questions is an important part of a healthy work life. There are going to be plenty of challenges you don’t understand and need a little guidance to complete, and asking the right questions will get you there.

Some questions, however, are better left unasked. Here are five questions to keep to yourself.

1. “When Are You Going To Realize What I’m Worth?”

Asking for a raise is a tricky proposition at the best of times, and these days the art is more subtle than ever. Many employers are tightening the purse-strings in the face of a struggling economy, so justifying your worth is going to take some smooth operating.

Be creative when approaching the topic of a raise; mention your successes with clients; talk about your history of timely delivery; compliment the boss’s tie. (That last one is optional, and may not influence your ability to obtain a raise.) Most importantly, come in with some solid numbers to back your case.

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  • CG

    I think I once asked “how you got to where you are” or something to that effect. I feel like that is different from asking “how did you get this job” though. Isn’t it?