5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Employer

By on December 31, 2013
Questions to never ask your employer

Research what people in comparable positions in the industry are making and be able to show why you’re worth at least that much. Treat the meeting where you ask for a raise like an important business presentation – which it is; succeed and you’ll improve your personal revenue stream.

2. “What Makes You Think That’s Part of My Job?”

The time comes in every employee’s life where their employer asks them to do something that is not in their job description at all.

At times like these an employee can find themselves at a crossroads: should they go ahead and do the extra work, they run the risk of becoming the dumping ground for all extraneous tasks, constantly getting things to do that are wholly outside their normal purview.

However, refusing the work can come off as an unwillingness to be a team player, to go the extra mile. A good way to circumvent this is to calmly agree to do the work, while making sure your employer knows that it is something that would normally fall to another employee. It’s a touchy situation, but one you’ll need to be able to manage sooner or later.

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  • CG

    I think I once asked “how you got to where you are” or something to that effect. I feel like that is different from asking “how did you get this job” though. Isn’t it?