5 Things Your Resume Is Missing

By on June 5, 2013
5 things your resume is missing

Resume writing is boring. Full stop. Resume writing is a tedious, mind numbing activity. After all, you are a young and vibrant person with many accomplishments. Distilling that into a one page, single spaced document is the epitome of selling yourself short.

Fortunately or unfortunately, writing a resume is a necessary evil to get a job. Furthermore, it is in your best interest to keep your resume updated and current. After all, you never know when you will need your resume to be ready to send.

Unfortunately, many resumes – despite the best efforts of their writers – are anything but impressive. Here are five things that your resume may be missing:

1. A Clear Objective. Many people get so caught up in the resume writing process that they forget why they needed a resume in the first place. Why are you doing this, anyway? Oh right! To get a job. Try and tailor your resume to the job for which you are applying and cut out things that are not at all pertinent to the job that you have your eye on.

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  • meyerg

    The article is good — for an entry-level job hunters. There are a few things that should be highlighted, including the fact that for many positions and for many job hunters there is no way that your resume can fit in a single page. For C-level technical positions the resume actually turns into more of a CV, with patents, organizational associations, etc. I have 25 years if experience, 18 years at the C-level, on the board of directors for three companies, and have 12 patents. If I was to create a resume (which I’ve, fortunately, been able to avoid) there is no way I could do it on one single-side piece of paper.

    The second thing is the whole “eye-catching” format. It simply doesn’t matter. Around 85% of resumes get OCR’d or converted to ASCII text so that they are easily searchable. Sure, you don’t want an *ugly* resume but don’t spend too much time trying to make it plush to the eyes.

    Thanks for the article.