5 Time Management Tips For The Real World

By on October 7, 2013
Management tips for the real world

Time management is something that many people struggle with, whether they are in school or at work. While it may not be as big a deal in college, when you can simply pull an all-nighter to rectify your poor time management, the real world is not as forgiving.

Once you are in the real world, time management becomes paramount to creating a successful career and balancing your work and personal life. With these five tips, you can improve your time management skills and ensure that you get things done in an efficient manner.

1. Get a Head Start

The biggest obstacle to good time management is performance anxiety. More often than not, we create anxiety about getting everything done on time, which in turn causes us to fall behind and feel even more anxious. Instead of getting trapped in this vicious cycle, get a head start on your work each day.

You should set aside about a half hour of time every day when you know you will not face interruptions – either before or after the start of your workday. During this time, you can create your to-do list, eliminate small tasks, or start the most daunting item on your list.

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