5 Tips to Dress for Success at Work

By on June 5, 2013
Tips to dress for success at work

Making the switch from college duds to swanky work clothes is daunting for anyone, especially young women.

Your clothing conveys to the outside world who you are on the inside, and in turn instructs people how to treat you as an employee or coworker.

If getting dressed for work in the morning is a mystery for you, never fear! We have five great tips to dress for success at work.

1. Know Your Audience. When you are thinking about how to dress for work, it is important to answer the question “Who am I dressing for?

Do you work in a client facing profession or spend every day in a cubicle surrounded by apathetic coworkers?

Do you have to see your boss every day or is that reserved for a once weekly meeting? Once you have a good understanding of who is going to be looking at you every day, you will be able to make better selections for your daily outfits.

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