5 Warning Signs You Need A New Career

By on September 17, 2013
Signs You Need A New Career

Are you contemplating a career shift? You may have been avoiding changing your career because you are afraid of making the wrong decision in quitting your job.

While there are many good reasons to stick it out and keep your current job, there are also many warning signs that indicate that you really do need to change your career. Watch out for these five signs – if they’re true for you, it may be time to quit.

1. You’re Going Nowhere

The number one reason to quit your job is that you are simply going nowhere. If you find yourself stuck at a job you hate with no potential for growth, this is the ideal situation to quit.

Why? Well, a job with no growth opportunities is very nearly as bad as having no job at all. Instead of wasting your time in a dead-end position, take charge of your life, quit your job, and find a career that will allow you to grow and change.

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