6 Best and Worst Jobs of 2013

By on August 2, 2013
Military Personel

We’ve all had a job that we considered the worst experience of our lives – usually working in fast food, retail, or another service industry during high school. As young adults, we’re now searching for the best job ever, that one job that will make all of our career goals and dreams come true.

At CareerCast.com, the best to worst ranking of jobs for 2013 uses a set of five criteria, including salary, stress level, work environment, physical job demands, and prospects for hiring. Here are the top three best and worst jobs for this year.

Top 3 Best Jobs

1. Actuary

Considered to be the best job of 2013, an actuary is the person who reviews and interprets statistical data for the purpose of figuring out the probability of various undesirable events, including death, illness, accidents, and the potential loss of property due to natural disasters and theft.

With this job, you can find an average yearly salary of $87,650. This industry is predicted to grow 27% by 2020, meaning that jobs should be relatively easy to find, as well as high paying.

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