6 Coping Mechanisms Proven to Work

By on July 29, 2013

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety? Rest assured that nearly everyone is dealing with stress and anxiety about some aspect of their life. The reason that some people seem less stressed than others is because they have developed good coping mechanisms that work for them.

Coping mechanisms are the key to managing stress and calming anxiety in the face of any obstacle, from school to work to your personal life. Try some of these coping mechanisms to lighten your load.

1. Breathe

Experts agree that deep breathing is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety in the moment. If you are feeling anxious about a situation, a project you are working on, or any other stressor, try deep breathing to calm your body.

When we are stressed out, our nervous system is stimulated and we have a physical response. Deep breathing will help you to slow your heart rate and reduce the body’s expression of stress.

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  • RyDaScotchDrinker

    The best thing to do with anxiety and stress is to tell people who are not important in the progress of your career to go F themselves ten ways to Sunday….. it feels great.

    For ones who are important in the progress of your career you plan for their destruction, eventually in time you will get the upper hand and can butt F the dog CRAP out of them. Its rewarding and very enjoyable….