6 Unusual Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well

By on August 1, 2013

Are you having trouble finding a job that pays well? In this economy, you are not alone. While we all know the typical jobs that provide a high salary – doctor, lawyer, etc. – there are actually many unusual jobs that pay surprisingly well. From ice cream taster to embalmer, check out these strange jobs with salaries that will make your bills and budget happy.

1. Oil & Gas Diver

Diving for oil and gas is an extremely demanding job, but it pays an annual salary of up to $80,000. This field is growing quickly and, for skilled divers, the benefits continue to increase. The job functions of a gas and oil diver include welding, laying pipes, and inspecting and installing the rigs.

With the rise in oil spills across the globe, being an oil and gas diver may not be the most appealing occupation, but if you are a certified diver or enjoy underwater adventure, it is one to explore.

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