6 Worst Careers For Very Smart People

By on September 18, 2013
Worst Careers for Smart People

As a very smart person, there are many great careers that you will be able to take on, such as a doctor, scientist, or engineer. However, there are also many careers out there that are not suited to very smart people. These careers can be draining for the intelligent because they do not allow for much intellectual stimulation. Here are the six worst careers for very smart people.

1. Politics

Unfortunately, the current state of politics in our country is not suited to the intelligent. Our elected officials represent our entire population, and that means that they represent all levels of intelligence. Many smart people who are dedicated to creating change in this country get into politics believing they can make a difference, and they are quickly disillusioned. Avoid the disappointment and stay out of politics.

2. Data Entry

Another job that is terrible for very smart people is an entry-level data entry job. While many smart people may apply to such jobs thinking it will be an easy way to move up within the company, more often than not, data entry jobs are simply soul-sucking and do not provide growth.

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  • Paul Cezanne

    BWAAHAHAHA! Fast food and data entry are bad jobs for very smart people? This is news? Guess what, smart people are smart enough to already know this.

    I can’t believe YOU have a job.

  • Y2KJillian

    Weird. Every job I’ve ever had falls into those categories…and after three months at each one, I was ready to kill myself instead of returning, so I would quit. Why wasn’t I smart enough to figure out it was the JOB and not ME? I don’t know…but if I ever look for work again, I’ll look in different categories!