6 Worst Careers For Very Smart People

By on September 18, 2013
Worst Careers for Smart People

Data entry is something that involves very little thought on a daily basis, meaning that intelligent people will lack the stimulation they need from a work environment to remain productive.

3. Telemarketer

Becoming a telemarketer is yet another unpleasant job for a very smart person to hold. As a telemarketer, all you will do is sit in a cubicle and make unsolicited phone calls to strangers. This is a job that is both thankless, as the majority of your calls will not be well received, and boring, as it does not allow you to think independently. As with data entry, becoming a telemarketer is another career path with no stimulation or room for growth.

4. Receptionist

Getting a job as a receptionist is another career that involves mundane tasks and little intellectual stimulation. As a receptionist, you will spend your days answering the phone, relaying messages, and interacting with visitors to your office. This job will not only be boring for the intelligent, but it is also a job that is frequently devalued and often faces cuts during times of recession. As very smart person, a receptionist is not the job for you.

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  • Paul Cezanne

    BWAAHAHAHA! Fast food and data entry are bad jobs for very smart people? This is news? Guess what, smart people are smart enough to already know this.

    I can’t believe YOU have a job.

  • Y2KJillian

    Weird. Every job I’ve ever had falls into those categories…and after three months at each one, I was ready to kill myself instead of returning, so I would quit. Why wasn’t I smart enough to figure out it was the JOB and not ME? I don’t know…but if I ever look for work again, I’ll look in different categories!