7 Habits You Shouldn’t Bring With You to Work

By on November 19, 2013
Habits you should not bring to work

We all have our bad habits at home. Maybe we spend a little too much time on Facebook instead of taking the dog for a walk. Maybe we let the dirty dishes pile up to calamitous levels.

Maybe we neglect to call that friend back. At home, these lapses are not enough to worry anyone, but when they make their way into the workplace, things can get hairy pretty quickly. Here are seven bad habits in particular to avoid taking with you to your job.

1. Poor Body Language

When you’re at home on the couch it’s OK to relax a bit. Slouch down, ease into that groove you’ve been making in that one part of the couch that’s come to fit you just right.

It’s great. But don’t get too comfy at work, advise the experts. Poor posture has the dual effect of making you look lazy or disinterested to the outsider (i.e. your boss), while at the same time actually affecting how you feel, according to many studies. Straighten up and fly right, as the saying goes.

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