Book Review: Career Fulfillment Found by Jason Hyde

By on June 20, 2013

If you are feeling less than satisfied with the trajectory of your career, Career Fulfillment Found: Take a Spiritual Journey to Happiness and the Career of Your Dreams by Jason Hyde should definitely be added to your bookshelf. This quick read offers a number of strategies for you to implement in your quest to experience more career fulfillment.

Studies show that some 75% of Americans find their job to be stressful, with 25% finding their job to be the most stressful thing in their lives. Statistically speaking, one million workers will call out of work sick this year. If your job is so stressful that you no longer feel like you can cope, Career Fulfillment Found may just be the self-help book you have been waiting for.

Perhaps you have lost a job and have been wallowing in the grey zone of unemployment. Maybe you feel trapped in a dead-end job that utilizes none of your special skills.

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