How to Beat the Cubicle Bulge

By on June 5, 2013
How to beat the cubicle bulge

This is going to be hard to hear, but work can make you fat. See? We knew you would not like to hear that. But unfortunately, it is very true. Gone are the active college days of having to walk twenty minutes to your next class and playing Frisbee on the quad with your friends after dinner every night.

Chances are you will eat way too much fast food and move far too little while you chip away at the working life in your cubicle. Here are 4 tips to help win the Battle of the (cubicle) Bulge:

1. Move more. The key to weight loss and management is that the calories you burn should be equal or greater than the calories you take in. If it sounds easy, that is because it really is. Make sure that you are moving as much as you can. Take the stairs and commit yourself to getting up to move around at least once every hour or so.

There are plenty of great tracking devices on the market that can help you track just how much you are moving. Make regular movement a priority and you will find the extra pounds melting off and away.

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