How to Connect With Your Peers at Work

By on October 31, 2013
How to connect with your peers at work

Instead of trying to corral people into after-hours drinks or engagements, you should focus on easy socialization. Eat lunch with your peers or offer to carpool with them to work events.

Go With the Flow

Often, people spend so much time overthinking their connections with work peers that they miss cues that their peers would like to connect.

If you are looking for ways to meaningfully connect with your peers and colleagues, you will need to relax and go with the flow.

For the next several months, commit yourself to accepting every invitation you receive from a coworker.

Whether it is for coffee or drinks, or even a quick walk around the block, accept the offer and see where it goes. Additionally, for that same period of time, you should stop trying to orchestrate events with your coworkers.

After the trial months have passed, you may learn a few things about how your work peers would like to socialize.

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