How to Develop a Leader’s Brain

By on September 6, 2013
Develop a leader's brain

Are leaders born or are they created? Research shows that perhaps it’s a mix of both. While we all have leadership characteristics and traits that are inherent in our abilities, it’s the development of those traits that turns us into leaders.

The reality is that some of the best leaders in any industry have an adaptable brain and are willing to learn, grow, and compromise when necessary. A recently published article from the Journal of Applied Psychology explores the neuroscience behind successful leadership.

Avoid Complacency

The best leaders are always looking for ways to improve their skills and expand their areas of expertise. Not only does this improve the qualifications of these leaders, but it also cultivates the knowledge they need to be successful in their industry.

By avoiding complacency and always pushing yourself professionally, you will continue to build strong character and a better brain for leadership. Continued professional growth is what distinguishes the top players from those who ultimately flame out.

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