How to Discover Your Life Purpose

By on August 29, 2013
Life Purpose

If you’re still wondering what you want to be when you grow up, you’re not alone. It can be incredibly difficult to decide what you want to do right now, let alone where you want to be ten years from now, not only in terms of your career, but also your relationships, your hobbies, and what kind of person you’d like to be.

Finding that answer happens over time, but these tips will certainly give you something to think about.

1. Learn From Experience

Many of us look at the “life purpose” question as a static thing in which we have one unwavering purpose waiting to be discovered. In reality, the things that feel meaningful to us tend to shift and become clearer as we gain experience and learn more about ourselves.

That means that the best way to find your purpose is to embrace experience and see what it teaches you about yourself and your options. Try new things, reach outside your comfort zone, and recognize that just as you are constantly growing, so is your purpose.

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