How To Handle Offbeat Interview Questions

By on September 27, 2013
How to handle offbeat interview questions

When a top company such as Google, Apple, or Microsoft posts a job listing, you can be sure that they receive hundreds of resumes from incredibly qualified people. So how do these employers decide who to hire?

A recent trend at job interviews, particularly in the field of technology, is the offbeat interview question – one that requires you to think creatively and assesses how your respond under pressure.

For example, an interviewer might ask you how to solve a difficult logic problem or simply ask you something surprising that has no defined answer. With the following tips, you can be prepared for such offbeat interview questions.

1. Never Say “I Don’t Know”

The most important way to not respond to an offbeat interview question is with “I don’t know.” This answer is much worse than a wrong one because it shows that you did not even try to answer the question at all. Remember, these interview questions are designed to test your ability to solve problems when the stakes are high.

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