How to Make Your 20s Count

By on June 24, 2013
Make your 20s count

Anyone struggling to find their path during the first decade after college has received a lot of advice – good, bad, and downright terrible. Everyone thinks they’re an expert, but some advice can be immediately ignored. For example:

– Get married and have children right away!
– Hold out until you find the perfect job!
– Go back to school until the economy gets better!
– Work at McDonalds!
– Have sex with everyone!

Cast those pearls of wisdom aside. If you are truly looking to make the most of your life, here is the only advice you need to follow:

Your 20s should be all about positioning your career. This means that you absolutely must work. If you cannot find a job in your desired industry, find a job that offers you the chance to develop skills that will come in handy when you do break into the industry of your choice.

Wherever you end up working, make sure that you keep working. Your 20s are not a time to put extended gaps on your resume.

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