How to Survive a Lengthy Job Search

By on June 5, 2013
How to survive a lengthy job search

Times are hard. The economy and unemployment rate mean that people – especially young, recent college graduates – could be looking for a job for a long, long time. The constant cycle of waiting for rejections can wear on a person after a few months. In times like these, your sanity needs to be your top priority. Here are some tips on surviving a lengthy job search:

1. Make Efficiency Your Top Priority. Many job seekers feel like hamsters running in a wheel. It many cases, that is because that is what they are doing. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Streamline your job hunting process by making sure that you have a set, efficient method. Everybody is different and there is no one way to do this, but it is often best to think of your job hunt in assembly line terms. First, find 10 or so jobs on the internet. Then, prepare all of the cover letters and application packets. Next, submit them all at the same time. This also helps with making and setting a follow-up schedule easier.

2. Set a Schedule. When you do not have a job, it is difficult to feel like you have a routine. Sitting at home in your pajamas all day is bad for morale and those blah feelings will translate to your application materials. To avoid feeling like a listless zombie, put yourself on a schedule comparable to the rest of the working planet.

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