How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

By on June 5, 2013
How to use Twitter to find a job

Welcome to the future! Twitter is now an acceptable and valuable tool that you can use to help you find and secure a new job. Alert the presses! Alert your grandmother! Tell your mother you told her so when she mocked your decision to join a website that limits individual expression to one hundred forty characters or less!

What is that you say? You do not tweet or have a Twitter handle? You will be rushing to get one after you read how you can use Twitter to get yourself a new and improved job.

So why use Twitter at all? How is it possibly better than Facebook or LinkedIn? For starters, Twitter is what you make it to be. Inherently, Twitter is a platform that allows you to showcase all your creativity and talents without looking like you are jumping through hoops to impress a recruiter.

Additionally, Twitter’s casual communication style allows you to communicate in real time with companies that you may not know and recruiters who you may not have ever met in person. Attracting their attention on Facebook and LinkedIn is a lot more difficult, but Twitter was built for quick and painless responses. You will be shocked at who will take four seconds out of their day to respond to your tweets.

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