LinkedIn Secrets: What You Don’t Know Will Ruin Your Career

By on June 5, 2013
LinkedIn secrets: What you don't know will ruin your career

All the smart people are using LinkedIn as their go to social media site for all things job related. It is, after all, the “grown up Facebook”. LinkedIn even presents itself as a handy fillable form that serves as an interactive resume. And the people you add? They are not your friends, they are “connections”.

LinkedIn’s core message is that it is a smart way for professionals to network. This is true, of course, but many people – especially young people – make critical mistakes that they do not even realize could ruin or greatly damage their careers. Read on to find out about the four things you are not currently doing to maximize your returns from your LinkedIn account.

1. You forgot that it was a social network. It is easy to forget that LinkedIn is a social media site like any other. The slick interfacing and professional feel lend an aura of internet invincibility. After all, all you are doing is filling out some basic resume info and waiting for hiring managers to contact you, right? Wrong. LinkedIn is still a social network and should be treated accordingly. Make connections with the right people and be friendly. Also, know that people who view your LinkedIn profile for professional reasons will probably look you up on Facebook to get the real scoop. Make sure that is clean as well.

2. Your profile picture is terrible. If your profile picture is bad – or worse, it is nonexistent – you are automatically disqualifying yourself for a number of jobs for which you may be qualified. Here is the low down: your picture needs to be professional, but that by no means means that it should be stuffy. Just make sure you look nice and find a good background for the headshot. If you are in a creative field, you can get a little wild, but for more traditional job seekers, a straight head shot is best. Also, make sure that your picture is of the highest quality you can manage.

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