Master the 6 Toughest Interview Questions

By on June 24, 2013
Toughest Interview Questions

In the search for your dream job, there is nothing more harrowing than the interview process. You can craft the perfect resume, representing your accomplishments in the most flattering light, and you can spend days drafting and editing a phenomenal cover letter, but if you don’t interview well, all of your efforts go to waste.

Interviews are the thirty-minute conversations that can make or break your future with a company. If you do not ace the interview, you will not get the job. It really is that simple. To make matters worse, the people conducting your interviews will often have developed questions designed to catch you off guard.

Lucky for you, many of those tough questions are identical across any career field, so you can prepare your answers ahead of time. Here are six of the toughest interview questions, and some answers that can help you make a stellar impression:

1. What is your biggest weakness?
Hillary Clinton once very famously implied that her greatest weakness was caring too much. Although some people loved that answer, others felt that her answer was a copout to the dreaded “biggest weakness” question.

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