Set Yourself Up For Success: How to Create Reasonable Goals

By on July 23, 2013

Everyone struggles to set goals that are reasonable and doable. Even more so, we all struggle to achieve the goals we set. Often, the reason that you fail to achieve your goals is because you are aiming too high. You may also lack a viable plan to meet your goals. Follow these steps to help you with more productive goal setting, planning, and achieving so that you can move forward with life’s journey.

1.Ask Questions

The first step in determining your goals is to ask yourself questions. It may seem silly, but when it comes to planning for our futures, most of us don’t take the time to truly think about what we want. More often than not, we go along with others’ ideas of what our goals should be. Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself important questions about your future. Make a list:

– What is my passion?
– What are my interests?
– What am I good at?
– What do I want most out of life?
– Where do I want to live?
– What is my ideal job?
– How can I get that job?
– What do I want in terms of family?

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