Success Means Knowing When to Quit: Do You?

By on July 30, 2013

Even the highest of achievers know when it is time to quit. Quitting does not come easily to many, especially when you have been working toward a goal for a long time. Knowing when to quit does not make you a failure. Knowing when to quit makes you smart and helps you set and achieve new goals.

Quit When the Cost Outweighs the Benefits

One definite way to know that you need to quit something is if the cost outweighs the benefits. No matter what the endeavor, being involved in a situation in which the cost to you is greater than the benefit you will receive is never a good plan for achievement.

Cost can be monetary, but it can also refer to your emotional or mental health, your relationships with others, or your future goals. If what you are doing is causing a significant amount of distress in any of those areas without a greater benefit, it is time to quit.

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