The Real Reasons You Didn’t Get The Promotion

By on September 12, 2013
Lost Promotion

When it comes to getting a promotion at work, we all think (or hope) that hard work and strong skills will pay off in the end. However, this is unfortunately not the case – more often than not, promotions come down to more than just how good you are at your job.

Employers want to promote employees who show motivation, dedication, and initiative. Furthermore, an employer will factor in your personality and your ability to work well with others when promotion time comes around. Here are four reasons why you probably didn’t get that last promotion.

1. You Failed to Put Yourself Out There

The number one reason why employees do not get promoted is simple: you didn’t ask. To gain a promotion, you need to put yourself out there to your employer and show him or her that yes, you want this promotion.

Furthermore, you need to show your employer why you both want and deserve the promotion. While you may assume that your skills and hard work are speaking for themselves, you should never make assumptions when it comes to your career growth. With many employees competing for the same job with similar skills, you need to make your desires clear.

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