The Top 5 Worst Mistakes When Changing Careers

By on September 25, 2013
Worst Mistakes When Changing Careers

There are many good reasons to change careers. Changing careers can lead to more possibilities in life, the opportunity to find your passion, or just an escape from a terrible job. However, those who change their careers often make a few common mistakes. There are many bad reasons to change your career, and there are also many bad ways to go about it. Here are the top five mistakes that career changers frequently make.

1. Running Away

The first mistake you can make when changing careers is running away, also known as “The Pendulum Effect.” This occurs when you become completely burned out in your current career and run as far away as possible. There are two reasons why running away is a career change mistake.

First, you should never wait until you are that unhappy to make a change in your life. Second, those who suffer from the pendulum effect tend to run in the opposite direction, not because they know where they are going, but because they simply want to get as far away as possible – not a good way to choose your next path in life.

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