Top 4 Career Switches That Boost Your Pay

By on August 16, 2013
Career switches that boost your pay

In today’s economy, countless workers are struggling to make ends meet in low-paying jobs just because they think there are no other options.

While this way of thinking absolutely makes sense given the competitive nature of the job market and the fact that high-paying jobs can definitely seem few and far between – especially if you haven’t mastered the art of networking – it’s likely holding you back.

There are better options out there. Check out these career switches that can dramatically improve your pay, then get that resume freshened up to start making your move.

Jumping Into the Medical Field

Thanks to both the aging of the Baby Boomer population and continuous developments in biomedical science, the medical industry is one of the fields seeing the most growth, both right now and into the projected future.

In the next ten years, the healthcare industry is slated to produce about 3 million new jobs across the country, running the gamut from home care nurses to biomedical engineers.

While medical professions do typically require some advanced schooling, not all of them require an MD. For example, home care nurses generally only require an associate’s degree in a medical field, but can make up to $60K after just one year of experience. Dental hygienists require the same amount of education for a median salary of about $67K.

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