Top 5 Jobs That Need Grads

By on August 20, 2013
Human Resources

If you’re a recent college grad, you’re probably familiar with the somewhat unfortunate job prospects. You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself using your bachelor’s degree from a top school to make lattes – in fact, half of recent college graduates are currently working in jobs that don’t even require a degree.

That being said, there is hope if you know where to look. The following jobs are all looking for educated people like yourself, right now.

Biomedical Engineering

Engineering in general is a field that pretty much guarantees a high-paying job, but biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing sectors, with some of the biggest opportunity for salary increase.

It’s true that biomedical engineers only start out making a little bit under $50K per year, but salary increase happens much faster than in other fields. Plus, thanks to growth in the healthcare sector in general, there’s no shortage of jobs for biomedical engineers who can improve quality of care through innovation.

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