Top 5 Worst Interview Answers

By on August 12, 2013
Worst Interview Answers

Job interviews are always stressful situations in which you may often find yourself uncertain about how to answer a question. While there is no set “right” way to answer every interview question, there are certainly a few answers that a prospective employer never wants to hear.

These top 5 worst interview answers will almost certainly push you into the “no” pile.

1. “I don’t know”.

“I don’t know” is probably the worst answer you could give for any question in an interview. For example, if you are asked why the company should hire you, this answer shows that you are not even dedicated enough to the potential job to think of an answer about your own strengths.

And after all, if you don’t know why the company should hire you, how will they? A good rule of thumb for interviews is to never answer any question with those three words.

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  • Monsar

    Recognising aspects of one’s ignorance is a mark of wisdom.

  • invention13

    The first one is simply not true. If you are asked technical questions and you don’t know the answer, the *worst* thing you can do is try to BS your way through it. Unless your new job is exactly the same as your old, there *will* be things you don’t know. As someone who has interviewed many people, I admire someone who will tell me right out “I don’t know” – even better if you indicate that the question was interesting.

    • RobertSF

      You make a good point, but even when faced with technical question you can’t answer, your reply should probably not be “I don’t know,” and that’s that. You should flesh out your answer with how you will find out.

  • Terry Barker


  • John C

    I’m retired now after working since i was fifteen ..Glad i don’t have to go through all the countless interviews, and worthless Job Fairs.. Feel for the people looking for employment now ..But I get tired of reading ” ten things not to do at a interview ” , ” ” five questions to never ask ” , ” five mistakes job interviewee’s make ” ,and ” what to do & not to do ” at a interview ..WHAT you don’t read in all these articles are how unprofessional some of these HR Depts & Interviewers are ..You never hear about the interviewer going on a twenty minute break while your setting in front of his desk … No stories of a female (HR Dept) breast feeding her child in front of you .. No blogs of after SEVEN interviews being told they “only ” hire married applicants ..No mention of the frivolous Sigmund Freud and ” what if ” questions ..No mention of the interviewer NOT even reading your resume before your interview —don’t tell me , they’re extremely busy ..Your supposed to be prepared, why not them ? ..I could write a book about these so called worthless Job Fairs …People who read this and who are looking for a job, good luck ..give it your best shot ..