What Successful People Do Before Breakfast

By on September 5, 2013
Working Before Breakfast

No one ever calls an emergency business meeting at 6 am, for instance. Instead, this time before breakfast is yours to focus on yourself and the goals for the day. Many of the things that successful people do before breakfast include:

2. Exercising

It takes a lot of willpower to exercise first thing in the morning, but the time crunch before work ensures that you get your daily workout in. When you save your workout for after work, it’s easy to say that you’re too tired or that you’ll “do it tomorrow“.

Beginning your day with a workout not only ensures that you experience relaxing and invigorating exercise, but that your body also releases natural mood enhancers – endorphins – that will positively impact the rest of your day.

3. Setting the Internal Compass

Before the bustle and craziness of the workday, successful professionals often spend their mornings envisioning exactly what they want their day to look like. Research shows that mentally planning your day before breakfast increases the likelihood that you will accomplish those very goals.

By setting your internal compass before you ever leave your house, your mind will subconsciously focus and think through the logistics to help you track time and prioritize.

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  • Paul Handley

    One of the things I like to focus on to keep me happy is thinking ‘f*** Steve Jobs’. Smell the flowers, help an old lady carry her shopping and screw the rat race. Exercise at 6.00 o’clock in the morning?! I didn’t know there was another 6.00 o’clock: you’re ‘avin laugh.

    • jimnjoy

      Remember that Steve Jobs died very young. Burning the candle at both ends uses the candle up very quickly.

  • jimnjoy

    Before breakfast we need to sleep. People don’t get enough good sleep.